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Hello followers. I just want to remind old followers and announce to new followers of my blog that new posts can be found at:

Especially if you are in Bret Simmons class at the University of Nevada, my blog is a good follow


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Justin Boucher Advisory Services

As many of you know, I am preparing to transition from my previous firm to working independently as a financial advisor. Currently I am waiting on my state licensing to be approved before I can start operating under Justin Boucher Advisory Services LLC.

In the meantime I will be making updates as the licensing process continues. Going forward the Justin Boucher Advisory Services blog will contain both personal blogs as well as financial commentary much like Funds and Fun.

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Kayaking Lake Tahoe

Kristen and Justin kayaking in Lake Tahoe D.L. Bliss park.

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Epic Crawl 2017

Kristen and I did the Epic Crawl in Reno on Saturday. I dressed as alternate universe Spock and Kristen went as Jadzia Dax. The street were littered with inebriated cosplayers and we got to witness a giant lightsaber battle at Harrah’s.

Kristen and Justin Star Trek Kristen Dax

Justin Spock Vader Rey Duel

Epic Crawl Steam Punk Cloud Strife Lightsaber

Cloud Strife! He even had the sword, but he was getting ready for the lightsaber battle at the time.


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iPhone is Cooking

I was preparing my first batch of Kombucha last night and I accidentally set the pot with the tea on top of my phone which was on one of the burners on my stove. I proceeded to put the stove on high heat. I began to smell melting plastic and noticed a black liquid dripping from the bottom of the pot. I picked up the pot and screamed as I saw my phone on the stove. I immediately brushed the phone off the stove and onto the ground. While the case was mutilated the phone seemed to be in good shape. The phone was scalding hot to the touch. When I pressed the home button the phone informed me that I needed to let it cool before I used it. I let the phone cool off, and I rebooted it for good measure. Astonishingly my iPhone 7 works perfectly, and I posted this blog post from it.

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Pat and Doug in Kentucky

Pat and Doug's house

First day in Louisville it was first things first. Kristen and Carolyn got mani pedis.

Kristen and Carolyn Pedicure

That night we went to a birthday party for two dogs.

Chester and Tucker Birthday Dog Birthday fruit

Tucker Birthday Chester and Tucker Birthday Cake

Dog Birthday Dog gifts

The next day we got ready to watch Thunder over Louisville.

Thunder over Louisville Thunder over Louisville VIP Tents

The Kernel Paraglyders

Paraglyders Landing Family at Thunder over Louisville

Selfie at Thunder over Louisville

Air Show Thunder over Louisville Kristen Carnival Swing

Selfie Carnival Ride Evening Airshow

Thunder over Louisville Fireworks

The following night we went to a brazilian steakhouse in downtown Louisville

Fourth Street Louisville Kristen Brazeiros

Carolyn and Frank 4th Street Justin and Kristen 4th street

Woodford Reserve Distillery was our destination the following day.

Woodford Reserve Woodford Reserve Front Desk

Woodford Reserve Fermentation Room Woodford Reserve Fermenting

Woodford Reserve Fermentation Room Inside Woodford Reserve Copper Distelled

Woodford Reserve Barrels Doug and Pat Woodford Reserve

Tax Man House Woodford Reserve Lobby

Woodford Reserve Barrel Room Woodford Reserve Barrel Room inside

Woodford Reserve bottling room Woodford Reserve tasting room

That evening we took another trip to Louisville. We even were filmed!

Lyft recording Frank and Kristen Troll Pub

Justin and Kristen Troll Pub Kristen and I took a walk across the bridge to Indiana. Louisville Bridges

Kristen Southern Indiana Indiana

Louisville Night The following morning we took a tour of the horse tracks and stables. Kristen Lucky Tree Keeneland

Frank Keeneland Keeneland Racetrack Winners

Horse Barn Seattle Slew Grave

Large Horse Barn Man 'O War

Goat Goat Eating

Pat and Horse Carolyn and Horse

Horse Graveyard Horse and Foal

Horse and Newborn

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Truckee Rental House

Kristen and I were invited to hang out with my Bay Area buddies at their Truckee rental house.

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